The convenient way for Merchants to show goods or locations to the customer using a smart phone

When you are talking to the customer on a Click 2 Call phone call (or a normal phone call) you can invite the customer to use the Click to See button.  This will set up a video call from the Merchant Phone to the Customer Web Browser.

The Merchant can then show the Customer the items for sale, or the location for sale / rent etc.

The Click to See button offers

  • A sales tool to close the sale quickly and easily
  • It builds trust between the Merchant and the Customer
  • This happens without having to open a new browser window or a new landing page
  • It is free to the customer

This is the easiest and quickest way for a customer to buy an offer from you, the Merchant or Seller.

It is focused and it can occur in the context of an ongoing conversation you are having with the Customer.

Show the potential customer the finer details of your products personally

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Nettzer is looking for partners who can sell our easy-to-use Sales Closing tools. Typical partners are companies that provide digital services to businesses such as hosting services, domain services, security services and digital marketing services. You can share in this exciting revenue model. We are serving customer in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Contact us using the the form for Channel Partner information.

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