The Nettzer Marketing Information Platform

Where Mobile Operators generate new revenue from their Consumer Data.

Protecting Profile Data & Consumer Privacy

Anonymised information that is fully GDPR compliant.

As mobile subscribers, consumer behaviour can be tracked, from our individual billing Information through to data usage (DNS Tracking), SMS and Voice Calls, our unique usage when analysised collectively can provide valuable near real-time data to both Business and Government Agencies.

The Marketing Information Platform generates anonymised Marketing Profiles from all the Customer data an Operator has available – behavioural, location and financial data. Nettzer works with Operators providing the MIP and the Managed Services to generate and sell the information to Enterprises and Authorities.

Mapping Real-time Football & Traffic Flow

When individual Cell ID’s are matched with Lat / Long information, anonymised data is generated as footfall and vehicle traffic flows. Over time a mobile subscriber’s journey can be recorded and preserved.

With full insight, this near real-time data can be displayed with a geographical map, and along with additional key statistics can generate customised reporting for businesses and government agencies alike.